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How to Publish Articles, Comments and other materials on the Cyprus IndyMedia website

Πως να Δημοσιεύσετε

We're looking forward to your participation in this open publishing process!

Please register with your name and email address. Or choose a pen-name {pseudonym} if you prefer, and a new email address that nobody knows, if you prefer to remain anonymous. Please choose a password that no one else knows but yourself.

Registration is free and simple. Your email will not be shown anywhere to other visitors.

You can register at this page, ,
or just go to the left column at the Front Page and follow the instructions there.

Registration with our system only verifies that a particular author's username is associated with a particular email address and nothing more. It reduces the risk of impostors posing under assumed names of other people.

Also, it helps us reduce the commercial spam that has flooded our website by the thousands from the very first moment our newly upgraded website became available.

After you have registered, when you visit the website you can Log In (Front Page, top of the left column), and then proceed to the link titled "Publish an Article", which is located at the top of the page, under the big banner.

Welcome to our community of registered authors. We're looking forward to your participation.
If there are any problems please contact us at:

Thank you!
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective


Mon 28 May 2018
Wed 25 April 2018


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