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Was this another hit by Mossad against us? Again?

by the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective
"If I'm ever discovered having been 'suicided', please note this: I have never wanted to kill myself, nor will I ever make such a decision." - Petros Evdokas, 2007.
Over the weekend of 3-4 August, Cyprus IndyMedia was hit by an unprecedented electronic attack from which we are still recovering.
The attack took the form of an artificial flooding of our user registration process on our website, , by fraudulent new registrations initiated by hostile machines under the control of hackers (what is known as a "distributed attack" by "bots", also known as "internet bots", and as "web robots").
We often receive fraudulent registrations by spammers who attempt to use our system to promote dubious merchandise; these are generally about ten per day. On Aug. 4 we were flooded by more than 3000 registrations! During some parts of the day hostile machines shot these against us at the rate of about ten per second! You can see this on our records here:
This also flooded and choked our email system, because there's one email notice generated for each registration - they came shooting at us at the same rate:
The attack consisted of implanting fake user names and fake email addresses into our user lists. Some of those email addresses used by our attackers were taken from lists of known spammers, such as this one:
We were able to plug up the hole while the attack was taking place by switching to a different system of new user registration: now we ask all new users to contact our Editorial Collective by email, and we set up each account ourselves.
Why now?
At the end of July, a member of our Collective named Petros Evdokas, who is also a member of the New-Imc work group of the global IndyMedia network that facilitates the creation of new and the restoration of old IndyMedia groups, invited the new IndyMedia-Palestine group to register an account on the Cyprus IndyMedia webpage in order to publish there articles created by the Palestine group - it does not yet have its own website. You can see this invitation here:
IndyMedia-Palestine responded to the invitation on Aug 3rd. As soon as we effected the registration of IndyMedia-Palestine to our website, the onslaught against us began and continued for the whole weekend until we were able to plug up the hole.
There's no other way to explain this "coincidence" than through politics and warfare. Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency (plus the CIA, NSA and other such agencies of the global Empire that have no names) have often released operations against us in various ways. Some of those are highlighted at the links below.
We intend to continue our journalism in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle. The bonds between the Palestinian people and the people of Cyprus, both of whom are struggling to survive against illegal and immoral military occupations of our countries by the genocidal regimes of Turkey and Israel... are strong. Our solidarity with the people of Palestine is not going to waver even if Mossad attempts to shut us down again.
We will wear the memory of this attack as a badge of honour.
The Editorial Collective,
Cyprus IndyMedia
Some of our "close encounters" listed below include physical attacks, electronic attacks, infiltration, threats on our lives, illegal investigations, censorship, and character assassination.
Attacks by local agents connected to the local and global regimes and their "intelligence" services
Two Members of Cyprus IndyMedia Assaulted
Government Admits Investigation Against Indymedia and Petros Evdokas Initiated by US Intelligence
28 Jul 2004
Cyprus IMCista Investigated by United States Intelligence Services
17 Jul 2004
Some of the basic materials of "The Case", collected
Other "close encounters" with Mossad influence in the global anti-imperialist movement
I Believe Elad Shetreet
"...During that incident I had a chance to study up on Elad Shetreet's
case. Since credibility is a huge factor in his case, I wish to state that:
a. I believe his claim that "Elad Shetreet, happened to be the son of a
serving cabinet minister in Israel when the case commenced in Israel in
b. I believe his claims of near-total destruction of health (100%
disability, including vital organs and the central nervous system)
caused by a synergy of toxins that he was exposed to, AND his claims of
Mossad involvement against him, in addition to criminal global
Corporations acting against him."
The threats that precipitated the 2010 military attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Threats and Terror from Mossad against the Free Gaza Movement's efforts to break the Zionist blockade by ship
New-imc member Petros unsubscribed from the IMC-Palestine mailing list?
Global deep state / Re: YASSER ARAFAT Remembered and Honored
" seems that all three of us forgot that we wrote this together just as the helicopter bearing Arafat's remains was landing and several hundred thousands of people assembled on a moment's notice to start the funeral.
When global indy's editorial team slapped us in the face by refusing to publish it, I remember the collective insult and frustration we had experienced was so bitter..."
How did these two articles vanish from the internet - from servers that are supposedly controlled by anti-imperialist activists?
"YASSER ARAFAT Remembered and Honored
Eternal Peace and Victory
and at:
Initial article announcement here:
Is Wikipedia a Tool of the Oppressor?
"...It's been shown beyond a doubt that Wikipedia is organically connected to the Empire's intelligence services, both electronically and through agents who are active within Wikipedia in administrative positions.
In this article:
o- The specifics
o- Why this article
o- An "iffy" solution: how to use a link to Wikipedia if you MUST..."
Palestinian Solidarity? What's September 11 got to do with it?
A website operated by Mossad in which architect Richard Cage (founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) and Petros Evdokas are misrepresented as "Jew haters" in order to discredit their work in the September 11 Truth movement:
A different form of attack from the same people:
Another one in which Petros is being presented as supposedly someone "with money and resources" who "owns a BMW" (our member has spent his entire life doing volunteer work; during that particular period he was working on volunteer projects in healthcare, doing political work in the radical section of the liberation movement, plus holding jobs at factories for extra income):
Petros Evdokas and his BMW at IMC Finance
"...From this we learn :
1:Evdokas is a privileged douchbag
2: Evdokas has a BMW
3: Evdokas is a cheap skinflint who won't part with a dime while he berates other cadre for not doing enough for the "cause"."
Mossad vs. CIA, Asange, complexities
The Mossad instrument confirms the worries, by ridiculing them and misrepresenting them as "Jew hating":

mossadattack-cyprus-palestine2.jpg208.77 KB
mossadattack-cyprus-palestine.jpg227.65 KB
mossadattack-cyprus-palestine3.jpg218.03 KB


Re: Was this another hit by Mossad against us? Again?

I'm very sorry for your electronic attack!
I didn't think that simple articles could be triggers to disturb the Mossad and the JIDF.
This is an incitement for me to continue to publish the truth about Zionism and its propaganda.
The Israelis and a lot of Jews in the world don't know the situation that the Palestinians live in their land and in all the world and don't know that this situation is caused by the arrogance(יהירות) and the cowardice(פחדנות) of same Jews that continue to call them terrorists while killing their children by white phosphorus.
But there are also good Jews, those revolt from the preconceptions and search to know the real history of the Palestine and Israel, search to know the real responsibilities for the diaspora of the Palestinians and fight for the recognition of the Palestinian people's rights.

Free Palestine. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper.


Wed 25 April 2018


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