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Fifteen years of September Elevens


Fifteen years of September Elevens
by Petros Evdokas,


It's not a coincidence that today, on the anniversary of a terrible day, Cynthia McKinney has posted this video online with the short message below.

"Dancing Israelis:
ALL victims of 9/11 and US wars (same thing—all of us) should STUDY this video and then share it":

{Cynthia McKinney, from Georgia in the US, was the first black woman elected to represent Georgia in the House. She has served six terms in the United States House of Representatives. She left the Democratic Party and in 2008, ran as the Presidential candidate of the Green Party of the United States.}

Fifteen years! Fifteen years of lies, denials and cover-ups of the lethal conspiracies connected to September 11, have resulted in:

► Sculpting a whole new dynamic of security and power impacting the whole globe;

► Mass slaughter of millions of people and wholesale destruction of the Middle East;

► The establishment of a global police state which, in parallel with a hidden, extra-legal and illegal arm that connects the power of the State with the power and methods of organized crime, keeps the global citizenry in a condition of perpetual war, state-sponsored terror, and increased poverty;

► The erosion and destruction of civil liberties, human rights and constitutional order in most countries of the planet;

► A temporary "rescue" of the declining profitability faced by US-based Capital by shifting more financial investments into military and other destruction-oriented operations (since investments in production for peoples' needs such as healthcare, education, shelter, food, clothes, etc. are becoming less and less profitable, those industries continue to be shut down).

An important part of this operation was made possible by the massive and stubborn denial of the US Left, which still REFUSES to bring into its world-view any indication that responsibility for the terrorist attacks on Sep. 11 might rest within elements of the US Government and elements of the zionist Israeli apparatus.

If the Left in the US had accepted to even discuss or to study the events and the damning revelations and evidence that continue to come up, global history might have been different. ANY resistance to the US Govt's agenda by the US Left would have made a humongous difference.

If nothing else, its resistance (even if it was only symbolic) it would have served to give hope to the billions of the planet who are trying to survive, resisting and fighting back against the Empire. A more probable scenario is if the american people under the guidance of the Left had resisted, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan might have been shortened or lessened in scope; the invasion of Iraq might not have even been considered and would have certainly been prevented; the inevitable uprisings of the Arab Spring and the mobilizations of the Enraged in Southern Europe (coinciding with the Occupy movement in the States) would have been more successful and might have possibly led to truer and more inclusive forms of political democracy and economic equality.

Instead, Libya was torn apart; Algeria returned quickly to its status quo; Egypt forced to go through bloody slaughters and military coups; Syria reduced to rubble; the Kurds slaughtered and subjected to genocide; Yemen subjected to civil war, air-bombings and outside military intervention by US allies; the Palestinians are living - barely surviving - under escalating Israeli occupation and genocide; Cyprus is still under occupation and subjected to increased ethnic cleansing; Iran is constantly in the cross-hairs of the Empire expecting an attack by Israel or the US.

Turkey has been elevated almost to the status it had during the Ottoman Empire, and along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, the three regional powers rule over the region with blood, force, US weapons, money and diplomatic support from the Empire.

All this would not have happened on its own. Sep. 11 made possible the Governmental policies that pointed in this direction. By refusing to consider the culpability of the US ruling class for those terrorist attacks, the leadership of the US Left opened the road for all the resultant events to take place without any resistance by the american people whatsoever.

The US Left was satisfied to get a Black president elected (which has a lot of positive symbolic value in the honorable struggle against racism), but so what? What is it so great that we have an "enlightened" Black person who is now pushing the buttons to rain bomber-drones on children in Pakistan? Did that bring anyone in the US closer to freedom, justice, equality? No. The Police in the US have increased the illegal killings of Black people everywhere, and now they kill without even a real suspicion or provocation.

Using Sep. 11 as a pretext and utilizing its political gains from it, the global Empire has launched the bloodiest and most catastrophic Crusade in history, an all-out war openly marketed as a perpetual war against Islam, against the Arab people and the wider Middle East. The US Left went right along with it.

In fifteen years there has not been a single protest in the streets of the US praising RESISTANCE to the US, where a banner might say "Afghanistan will Win"; or "We are one with the Iraqi Resistance to the occupation", or "Palestine, we are with you", or "Long Live the Kurdish People's armed insurrection".

Because of the paralysis, treason and collaboration of the US Left's leadership with the US and global Empire since Sep. 11, there is no moral or political direction for the american people to resist the system. There is no one to help the people see through its barbarous immorality, to disengage emotionally and politically from it. On the contrary, the american Left leadership is still emotionally identified with the US and global Empire. Witness the fact that the Left leadership is still refusing to examine or to even CONSIDER the meaning of specific US and Israeli actions and inaction that led to the horror of Sep. 11.

Denial is still very strong because of the very powerful psychological identification of the US Left with the US ruling class.

I don't know what it will take to rescue the moral and political image of the US Left. Or to help it reverse its policies! In my eyes, its leadership has lost all credibility. Perhaps another heaven and another earth must pass before the american people collectively remember again that they are a part of the human family.

Petros Evdokas,

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